Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sometimes the noise in your head has to come out

Sometimes the noise in your head has to come out...
This photo is the result of me playing in the basement with my old clunky gear.  I tried a whole number of expressions etc, and this was the most interesting.  Played a little with it in post.

Okay, why make this photo?  Mostly for fun; but also because photography is an outlet for me.  I think it's terribly important that each of us have a way to 'decompress' in a healthy productive way.  There are all kinds of unhealthy ways of coping with stress.  Finding a way to do it that helps yourself AND other people, or at least doesn't hurt anyone else (sports injuries aside) is critical.  
So while there is nothing really going on in my head that's overly negative, there is a lot in my head.  Making this picture (and some of the other outtakes) was simply a way to let some of that out.


Tarasview said...

you are fascinating.

I love you :)

Cameron Laird | Freelance Photographer said...

Doug, GREAT lighting!!!

T.B.H. said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! Love it.