Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fly like a bird (doug's take)

Last Saturday we went to the beach. While we were there the kids started feeding the gulls their snacks (which was muffins). Tara and I both started snapping pictures. Her take is HERE.

seagull 1 of 4

seagull 2 of 4

seagull 3 of 4

seagull 4 of 4
All in all it was a lot of fun. And now between the two of us, we'll never need another picture of a gull ever. Although I'm sure we'll take more.


Shelley said...

Great shots! I especially like the one of the gull with its head in the water.

Rebecca Leach said...

wow, these are great!

what camera are you using??

the Doug said...

@Rebecca - D90 with a 55-200mm VR lens

willowsprite said...

Amazing! How did you get so close and clear like that?