Friday, November 13, 2009

personal project

So I'm working on a personal project. Hopefully I'll be able to share more details soon. I started out with almost 200 Gigs of photos, pulled around a thousand photos out in the first draft. Now I'm down to five or six hundred. I hope to cut that down by a third or half by the time I'm done.
I will be making a gallery of the remaining photos. How I will host, or display the photos I am not sure yet. I hope they will be able to help some folks, but we'll see, it might be a flop of project.
I'm using the beta of Lightroom 3 for my sorting and first round of edits. In fact the vast majority (if not all) of my edits will be made in this program.
I have amazed at how well thought out this thing is.

I've heard this before, but having a project, or an end user in mind makes processing and editing your photos SO much easier.

Here's a screenie of the grid of some of the photos I'm working on....

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