Thursday, December 10, 2009

A few photos from my phone...

Thought I would post a few random photos from my cell phone.

This first one is from one of the first snow falls, if you look really carefully in this not so great image you can see at least two very blurry deer.

This photo is another that I took from my date with Olivia, I spoke about that here.

This image is from perhaps the worst cup of coffee I've ever had the displeasure of tasting.  It was purchased during our adventures to Thunder Bay to get Olivia's teeth pulled.  You can read about Tara's take on that process here.

Then this was my lunch the other day when I met one of the guys from the church for lunch.  It looked very tasty at the time.  Hearty potato bacon soup and a egg salad sandwich with coffee.  Next time, I'll go for the chicken salad sandwich though.  Good food and better conversation (that's his coat opposite me here).

Not the greatest photos I've taken, but part of the story, my story.

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