Tuesday, April 27, 2010

repairs and other stuff

While my Nikon D90 is getting repaired.  Which, thankfully is being covered by Nikon themselves.

I took some photos yesterday, except I took them with my Nikon FE.  I'd show them to you, but I have to finish the roll of film and then get it developed.

If you're looking from something to look at, check out my friend Thomas' site.  He grew up down the road from me.  I'm a little older than he so I moved away to go to school and make a life for myself before I ever knew he was into photography, but somehow, via the internet we've reconnected and talk photos often on Google Talk/Chat.  It's his fault that I'm trying out the film again...

He's just finished a photo program at Algonguin and I really like his stuff.  He also won an award during the final exhibition.  I'll let him tell you what award that was if he wants.

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