Wednesday, March 31, 2010


last light (in more ways then one)

So back in January I was taking a picture (the picture above was likely the picture that the latch broke on) and the latch for the pop up flash on my camera ceased working. The flash itself was fine, just the little hook thing that held it down stopped working. It did not appear broken. I have dragged my feet to send it in for it to be repaired under the warranty (hopefully). Although yesterday, I sent it in. Yes, I insured it, for just a little more than what it will cost to replace it. It should arrive on Tuesday, as Canada Post doesn't deliver on Good Friday or Easter Monday- which I'm ok with. Then likely 5-6 weeks later I will get it back. It's always possible they'll send it sooner.

It feels strange not having my camera. Maybe that's why photo nerds buy lots of cameras, so when they have to get one serviced, their hands are not empty. Maybe that's why photo geeks become professionals, because then if one camera doesn't work, they just grab another from their trusty bag of tricks.

So, I will miss you my D90, and while I will be taking pictures with other cameras while you're gone, I won't really mean it.

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Tarasview said...

I will miss your camera as well since I am certain you will be stealing MINE!!